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Your Swag Statement – 2 Piece Tracksuits


This season, tracksuits or loungewear are not only rocking Instagram but the red carpet. Recently we saw the comet-like star Yara Shahidi in an adidas tracksuit with vintage Cartier diamonds and Louboutin shoes at the MTV awards. That’s making a statement and how you do tracksuits in 2022.

The soaring popularity of tracksuits has been amplified by recent events like the “home office”, they are so comfy, simple to wear and versatile. Now that we are out-and-about, why not glamourise them?


This Season’s Must-Have Swag Item

Every season has a staple item or outfit and this season, for guys and girls alike, the swag item is the tracksuit ‒ morning, noon and night ‒ casual, smart casual or formal. For air travel, gym, social occasions or evenings out, your must-have swag outfit is a tracksuit to fit the deal.

GQ had a designer tracksuit on its cover, and this sporty look is being seen at black-tie dinners ‒ who says you have to be a celebrity to pull it off. The celebrity media showed UK singer Rag’n’Bone Man wore a tracksuit to his wedding, as did his bride and guests. Now that’s a relaxed wedding.

A 2 piece can emphasize your love for fitness, fit bodies and fit minds, but having a gym or sports club membership is not a requirement to rock a tracksuit.


The Statement Piece

Without a doubt, the current trend indicates that a tracksuit is a statement piece ‒ literally. Its ability to make a statement can be found in its origins. Tracksuits, according to past Western social decorum, “should not” be worn to certain venues or occasions. So when you nominate the high-end tracksuit as your outfit of choice, you are telling the dead-wood, crusty cravat-wearers off. You are choosing to keep it functional, simple and real without being shabby.


Your Impressive Day Out Choice

A slim-fit or skinny cut shirt and tracksuit pants will display your excellent health regime results and keep your partner’s eyes firmly focused on you.  The Tornado M.C. Short Sleeved T-shirt or a the M.L. Long Sleeved T-shirt will definitely get you noticed. Every day.

After the sun sets, complete your look with the matching tracksuit top. Zip it up, throw on the hoodie and finish the look off with the latest Aeronautica thick sole sneakers.


Your Party Choice

Parties mean fun and a time to show your style. Ladies, try a velvety jumpsuit for that extra elegant texture to your outfit. Choose tracksuits with bold prints, the AM Tuta In Felpa 2 Piece has a noticable AM logo on the chest. If you are daring, pair it with your favourite pair of designer heels; or for a more “I got it all” relaxed look, bring out those treasured trainers.  You will make a lasting impression at any function.


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