What to say to your barber for a good hair cut

What to Say to Your Barber for a Good Haircut

There’s nothing like heading to your barber for a good haircut and walking out feeling like a new man. Finding a decent barber is key to having an all-round experience. There are a few ways to ensure you get the cut you want. Achieving a modern men’s haircut can be quite challenging when it comes to knowing when to use your 1’s, 2’s, 3’s and 4’s. Some men don’t always know how to describe what they want. Many don’t think too much about their hair type, while others use jargon without fully understanding what terms like fade actually mean. To help you get a haircut that makes you feel fantastic, we share a few tips to keep in mind.


Getting the Haircut You Really Want


Below are just a few suggestions to ensure you get the haircut you really wanted at the barbershop.


Use clear descriptions


Showing your barber photos of the styles you like is a great start. This way there’s less lost in translation. So the photo references sort out the how, you then need to describe the style – tell your barber how you want your hair to feel. If you want layers, use a description like you want “movement on the top”. If you want a gradient on the back or sides, don’t use the term “fade” as it would require your hair to be shaved right down to the skin – unless that’s what you want. Showing your barber a variety of photos that have certain elements of a cut instead of the entire cut can also be useful especially if you are wanting to create a unique style. By saying, “short back and sides” or using clipper settings is not going to give your barber much to work with or get you the haircut you’d like.


Know your hair type


Remember that not all cuts or styles work on every man. We all have different head shapes, hair lines and size ears. The thickness and length of your hair is relevant too. That’s why it’s a good idea to show photos that highlight certain features of a cut rather than an entire cut. Knowing your hair type and your lifestyle, your barber will be able to give you a cut that’s not high-maintenance and easily manageable. Your barber is the best person to advise you on the most suitable cut for your hair type, taking into consideration your face shape and hairline. He’ll look at the texture, thickness and moisture of your hair, and give you the best advice for the cut that best suits your hair type.


Follow proper etiquette


Finally, don’t forget about etiquette. Always make sure you show up on time – a little early if possible. If your barber is busy with another client, have patience. You wouldn’t want your barber to rush your cut when you get on the chair. Come prepared, let your barber know what you want and also listen to his advice. He’s the expert here, after all. If you’re not comfortable about his suggestions, sort it out before he starts cutting. Once you’re off the chair and ready to go, consider giving a tip to his assistant.


What should you wear to the barbershop?


Ideally, you want something comfortable and a Tee might be your best option. For some ideas, check out our range of Aeronautica Militaire tees, polos, shorts, chinos and sneakers will be an ideal choice.

Find your nearest store and dress the part when visiting your barber for your haircut.