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What Do Your Shoes Say About You?


Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, CEO, or none of the above.

Men and women alike have their obsessions when it comes to dressing. So what do the shoes you wear say about you – knowingly or not? This article is broadly about what your shoes might represent about you. And hey, much like star signs, these summations can be generic. Many studies* have been done on this subject and it seems much of the data points to our personality as it’s reflected in the attire choices we make, particularly when it comes to shoes!

So without any more dragging of feet, let’s jump into those definitions.


The Source Of Information

Many studies have been done to assess a person’s ability to be able to deduce the personality of a stranger purely by their favourite daily shoes. The results show the observers were, in the high majority, able to link shoe choice to personalities.

So what information are you giving away unwittingly?


Oxford Shoe

This popular formal and business shoe indicates that you are a professional who must adhere to attire guidelines. By wearing the Oxford shoe, it seems you come across as possibly being bright, educated, sophisticated, attractive and/or bold.

How you look is more important to you than absolute comfort, and you are prepared to work hard to achieve your goals. You are on a mission, and you are determined to achieve it. Attention to detail is an inherent skill and you are strategically minded and reliable. You speak well and confidently in social scenarios and chat easily with most people.

You have chosen a classic style with long-lasting quality as well.


Slip-On Shoes

You’re all about “the comfort” with laid back style. Slip-ons are uncomplicated and versatile. You like to generally follow trends and are a balance of extrovert and introvert. You befriend a wide array of friends but don’t like to be the centre of attention. On the other hand, you don’t want to be dull either. Easy to chat, you are not a fan of stiff corporate or professional scenarios and would suit an entrepreneurial path. You need an expressive outlet for your ideas and your character.



Aeronautica Militare sneakers are in this category. Remembering that this assessment is based on “favourite” shoes, i.e. what footwear you wear every day. If sneakers, that would typically indicate that you are a Gen Z or late millennial. You know today’s trends, and you bought sneakers because they were trending.

You want to be young, cool and part of the “hip” scene. Your aim is not to be obvious, and you avoid extreme style choices.


Running Shoes

You either enjoy gyming or are in your sixties and have sore feet.

If the former, then switching from exercise to casual meetups to work is important for you. You love being under pressure, “always on the run”, working fast at many things and being productive. You are a go-getter, bold, organised and prepared to put in a huge effort to get results.


Dirty Sneakers

The Sneaker Shack is a successful business because many of the young, cool, hip crowd mentioned earlier don’t have time to keep their sneakers clean and/or have the budget to have their sneakers cleaned for them. If you are wearing partially to totally dirty sneakers, you could be nostalgic especially if your dirty sneakers are old. You like the physical comfort, saving money, the laidback look and minimal effort.

You’re not fussed about having a high-income or fashionable look. You’re chilled, not bothered by the opinion of others, dad-fit and have many interests. On some occasions this suits you as you don’t want to show all your cards…

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For more information on the study referenced in this blog article.