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The Influence Of The Music Industry On Fashion


Because music is a means of expressing life’s ups and downs, personality, political opinions and ideas rather than a form of entertainment, fashion and music have become intrinsically interwoven. The way music influences the fashion industry and vice versa – can be traced back through every decade. We see major events of every kind find their way into what we wear, albeit, war, a trip to the moon, a movement like freedom of expression or people’s rights – colours, fabrication and fit are the elements that are particularly influenced.


As we have had no major world events in recent years, the lion’s share of influence can be attributed to musicians and their influence on fashion ultimately becoming mainstream trends. Artists today have a stronger impact on fashion than ever before, constantly collaborating with labels, featuring their brand partnerships in music and videos, and even launching their own fashion lines.


Mutually Creative Collaborations


Fashion and music trends have a dynamic and mutually creative interface. Some of the most spectacular garment visuals ever developed in popular culture have arisen from music and fashion industry collaborations. Some influences emerge as unforgettable stage and music video creations; others become long-lasting fashion movements that settle in society to become iconic fashion staples.


There are three ways in which an artist’s fashion creativity influences us:

  • When fashion designers / labels and celebrities develop clothing lines to match a certain project;
  • When music genres influence subcultures and youth begin to express themselves through fashion, and
  • When the fashion industry draws inspiration from a musical theme or trend.


Mutually Beneficial Business Opportunities


Just as artists use brands to enhance their image and connect with their fans, brands and collections will use the artists’ influence to their advantage as well. Often brands provide high performing artists with collector’s pieces before they are released to the public, thereby creating a market demand long pre the official launch. This kind of mutually beneficial promotion is instrumental to the ultimate success of the seeded product. And by using social media and platforms like YouTube, artists reach a wide-ranging demographic across the world, influencing subcultures and trends, and equipping the masses with the frame of reference to paint their own style – or to run to the store and buy!


Partnerships between artists and fashion labels are about more than simply product conversion; they are about developing talent [artists brand] and the Brand itself to establish an association that benefits both the party’s public perception.


Paint Your Own Style


Fashion and music will continue to have an intertwining relationship, and the benefit for us as individuals is the opportunity to represent, express and identify ourselves and with others.


The human condition is an immensely complicated experience. But by using the artistry offered to us by the ever-evolving fashion and music industries, we can find our kinship and identity to evolve or at the very least, aspire.


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