How to wear mens bermuda shorts this summer

How to Wear Men’s Bermuda Shorts this Summer

Dating all the way back to the early 1900s, men’s Bermuda shorts have become a summer staple on a man’s wardrobe. These shorts sit around 2.5cm from the knee, with a fit that is more tailored than other styles of shorts. They take their name from their country of origin – Bermuda – a British Overseas Territory. In 1914, a Bermudian tea shop owner Nathaniel Coxon began to hem the uniform pants of his employees, making them more comfortable, especially in the heat. The British Army, which was stationed in Bermuda during World War 1, soon adopted the shorts, which were ideal for tropical and warmer climates. In the years to follow, the shorts made their way into sportswear options, and men began to wear them on their vacations.

Bermuda shorts are worn all over the world, not only for leisurewear but also as a smart-casual option. Keep reading to get our tips on how to wear men’s Bermuda shorts this summer.


How to Wear Men’s Bermuda Shorts this Summer


Here’s how you can wear your men’s Bermuda shorts for a low-key yet stylish summer look.




Polo shirts work well with Bermudas, they are a definite one-up on Tees when you are going slightly more formal. The collar gives a more polished look compared to t-shirts, making them ideal for smart-casual looks. The slim fit of polos combined with the more tailored fit of Bermuda shorts gives you a sophisticated look hitting style on the mark every time. Look for neutral Bermudas like the Aeronautica Militare AM Cotton Bermuda Shorts Mens in Navy or the Aeronautica Militare Multi-Pocket Gabardine Bermuda Shorts Mens in Sand and pair these with bolder polos like the Aeronautica Militare Stretch Piqué Cotton Polo Mens Dark Lime, colour-block polos are also an option, check out the Aeronautica Militare Stretch Cotton Piqué Polo Mens in White Navy Blue or if you like to show off the brand go for the Aeronautica Militare Starfighter Mens Polo Black.




For cooler days and evenings, you can pair your Bermuda shorts with sweatshirts. Look for slim fit sweatshirts to keep your line. Look for comfortable, lightweight fabrics so you don’t overheat. Pair bolder Bermuda shorts like the Aeronautica Militare Bermuda Shorts Mens in Royal Blue with a colour-blocked sweatshirt design like the Aeronautica Militare Mens Sweat Top in White Blue Red. Mix and match branded shorts like the Aeronautica Militare Stretch fleece P.A.N. Bermuda Short Mens in Navy or the Aeronautica Militare Stretch fleece P.A.N. Bermuda Short Mens in Off White with solid sweatshirts in navy, light blue or lime for a simple yet stylish look.

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