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Get Ready for Black Friday Shopping at Aeronautica

Black Friday shopping at Aeronautica Militare will definitely lift your spirits this year. Aeronautica Militare is a brand that surprises and delights and this year’s shopping event won’t be anything different. Black Friday has overtaken Boxing Day as the biggest sale of the year. This is convenient to say the least, because it just so happens to be the perfect time to shop for Christmas gifts, as well as festive wear.


Since its inception, Black Friday is the best time to shop deals and discounts that save on clothing, footwear and accessories. The Black Friday discounts allow one to stock up on investment wardrobe pieces while they’re at their cheapest. Whether shopping in-store or online, you’ll be able to find fantastic prices on must-have essentials that keep you on-trend. Get our expert tips for Black Friday shopping at Aeronautica Militare to take the headache out of the world’s biggest shopping event.


Black Friday Shopping at Aeronautica


Read on for some noteworthy 2021 Black Friday shopping tips:


Have a plan in place


It all starts with having a shopping strategy in place. Black Friday sales are most often chaotic and we believe if you have planned properly, you’ll not be disappointed. Know what you want and make a beeline to it in store or go to your saved online wish list or saved shopping cart and proceed to checkout. By making a priority list upfront, you have 80 percent of your game plan in place. Knowing what you want and their price, makes it easier to find deals that add genuine value. Setting a budget will also help you avoid overspending on things you don’t actually really need. It’s useful to know the store trading hours for the day and their return policy should it be needed.


Avoid rookie mistakes


At sales, people lose focus and tend to grab everything in sight – this is a huge rookie mistake. When you are buying high-end fashion, sales can be a great opportunity to fill any gaps in our wardrobes but we stress the term ‘gaps’, because we believe this event should be used for stocking up on staples and not just another opportunity to fill your wardrobe with unnecessary items you’ll never wear again. The reason we recommend making a list (and setting a budget) is that it’s easy to get swept up when you’re in the store. You don’t want to buy a lot of socks or everyday t-shirts, you want to go for those stand-out items that have finesse. If you’re after jumpsuits, have a look at our collection in advance to get an idea of prices and styles. If it’s footwear you’re looking for, don’t choose the first pair you see because they’re cheaper, just stick to your list of desired items. Oh and another thing, rather leave the kids at home – you want the experience to be as stress-less as possible.


Look out for online sales


A good way to get the best out of your Black Friday shopping experience is to delegate some shopping to in-store and other to online. Online is great as there are no “shopping hours” so you can start early in the morning or after dinner when you are relaxing. Plan your time wisely. Sign up to your favourite retailer’s newsletters so you can stay in the loop.


Did you know that Black Friday first occurred in the ’30s when American department store Macy’s cashed in on the annual Thanksgiving Day parade – to eventually become a big capitalist event in the 80’s and still going strong, well, it’s an official calendar day after all.

With stores across the country and a world-class online store, Black Friday shopping at Aeronautica Militare will be a breeze this year. Online shopping is the best way to miss the crowds, and it’s free delivery!



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