Fly High IN 2022

Fly High in 2022

Get ready to fly high in 2022 and start the year in positive, upmarket style with Aeronautica Militare. Feeling positive and looking the part is what it’s all about, and frankly, the secret to achieving success. As a successful brand committed to innovation, contemporary style and authentic design, Aeronautica Militare are all about crafting a lifestyle look that goes beyond seasonal trends. Each Aeronautica Militare piece is crafted according to iconic Italian design. Bold designs, signature detailing and versatile pieces ensure that your wardrobe is equipped with everything you need to start the year on the right note.


Flying High in 2022 with Aeronautica Militare

There’s no doubt about it, last year was a challenge for many around the world. To be the part, you need to act it, live it, feel it and breathe it – so if success is on your new year’s “to do” list, then adding Aeronautica Militare style to your wardrobe could be a smart move this year. Starting the year on a positive – and stylish note – is important for many reasons.


Update your style.

New year, new look, new beginnings. With a wide range of fashion-forward apparel, sneakers and accessories in the Aeronautica Militare range, you’ll be all set to begin the year on a stylish note. No doubt looking good helps to build one’s confidence, allowing you to set the pace for your authentic style… and stand out from the rest. Our smart-casual clothing puts the emphasis on smart, making it suitable for the city’s hotspots as well as the beach and out about town.


Find your work-life balance.

You work hard but that doesn’t mean you can’t take time to enjoy life outside of work. One needs this downtime to network and recharge. Networking and making a great first impression means you need to look good. Why not kit yourself out in great summer classics like polos, t-shirts and shorts. When you get out after dark, try one of our sophisticated jumpsuits, or some classic chinos with crisp shirts. Aeronautica Militare has a host of stand-out clothing that’s ideal for a night out on the town.


Reassess your goals.

So your style is sorted out, get ahead of the game and start the new year by taking a good, hard look at your goals. Assess where you are right now and map out where you want to be. One should have short, mid and long term goals in order to achieve paydirt! What can you do to make things happen, what is in your power? Take charge of your destiny and plan the year you want to have. Make sure you check-in with yourself regularly. Remember, you are the pilot in your life, the plane flies where you direct it. Aim high, keep that throttle at full pace and you’ll touch the sky.

Get your wardrobe ready for 2022 and shop Aeronautica Militare apparel online or at one of our stores countrywide.


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