Fashion Meets Functionality with the Pilot Jacket

Fashion Meets Functionality

Showcasing the Men’s Aeronautica Militare Pilot Jacket


Winter is here, and any fashion-forward individual knows that winter collections bring unique seasonal sophistication. Big wink; if you’re into social media, this is your opportunity to compose the most influential social media posts in breath taking winter landscapes wearing your iconic Aeronautica Militare Pilot Jacket – being a statement of your success.
Aeronautica Militare’s history has its roots in leather. It’s expertise in design and ability to craft masterpiece garments stems from amongst other product, designing leather jackets for the Italian Air Force pilots. So impressed were the air force, they granted usage licence, thereby, birthing the brand Aeronautica Militare with the ever-popular usage of their insignia. Throughout the Brands illustrious history, it has strived to design and develop a line of clothes and accessories that emanate not only quality, but authenticity and individuality.


Men’s Aeronautica Militare Pilot Jacket

This iconic Pilot jacket is but one of the Aeronautica Militare collection’s signature pieces. It embodies the legacy and passion of the Frecce Tricolori – Italy’s internationally renowned aerobatic air force team. This men’s pilot jacket provides the ideal balance between fashion and functionality, having innovative design elements to increase warmth and comfort to this signature garment.

The Iconic Frecce Tricolori Pilot jacket makes a statement. On its own, it exudes confidence. The design features both front and inner pockets adding to the Pilot jacket’s functionality. The Pilot jacket also boasts a Pilot pocket on the left sleeve and a double slider zip closure for long-lasting quality, warmth and performance. With cut-out details, leader patch, and Frecce Tricolori insignia, this luxury jacket is embellished to perfection.

Enjoy the best in comfort with well fitted elastic waistband and cuffs, allowing just enough freedom of movement. The Pilot jacket is innovatively designed to provide extra warmth with the two-layer technical nylon fabric, extra padding and a removable faux fur collar for a sense of individuality and additional protection against the cold when you need it most. Dressed in this jacket, you’ll experience the exhilaration and sophistication of dressing like a real pilot.

For those who prefer a more subtle elegance, the Men’s Aeronautica Militare Pilot Jacket is also available in Black. Fully defined for the fashion-conscious professional. Featuring the same design innovation and embellishments, this jacket ensures luxury, quality performance with added warmth and style.

Be warned – this jacket is so intense, there are imitations out there. Buy only from the official, genuine Aeronautica Militare, exclusively available only at the official, accredited Aeronautica Militare outlets.

Browse our range online or find the store near you for a flawless, luxurious and memorable shopping experience, fly with us.



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