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Drive In Style – Curating Outfits To Compliment Your Car


Originated in the Italian city of Thiene, Aeronautica Militare was born from the evolution of tailoring after World War II. In the 1960s, founder and master craftsman, Cristiano Sperotto, honed his craft of making fine leather clothes for society’s elite all whilst constantly keeping ahead of the latest fashion trends by creating collections that blended sophisticated streetwear with high fashion. The Aeronautica embellishments and the original Aeronautica Militare Frecce Tricolori logo both underline and enact its Italian heritage.

Since the very beginning, Aeronautica Militare referenced military apparel with the same calibre, class and penchant for insignias that held by the car culture enthusiasts.


Beautiful cars and beautiful clothes go together like cheese and wine or champagne and strawberries. This combination makes a serious statement. The way you present yourself and the car you drive tell the full story to those that observe. Read on to determine how to choose your perfect Aeronautica Militare “car-fit”.


Dress for Versatility


A Range Rover, Jaguar or Merc SUV or any other high-end sports utility vehicle, is the only vehicle versatile enough to take you from the nightclub to the sports pitch albeit via a mountain trail if needed. It’s an all-purpose vehicle designed and dressed in couture, demanding the same kind of versatility in practicality and style from its driver.


This is where the sublime mix of sports luxe, athleisure and activewear come to play. The Aeronautica Militare Tuta Tracksuit range is a series of cotton masterpieces with slight additions of elastane for a comfortable and impressive fit. These masterpieces are available in a range of classic, iconic tones to compliment your vehicle’s finish.


Curate Your Own Bespoke Look


Your luxury SUV might be equipped for luxury or utility, either way, it’s as masterfully built and infinitely customisable as a tailored Italian suit. This is a car for those whose taste has a certain bespoke quality. Dress in yourself in an iconic Polo or golf shirt and a perfectly tailored pair of jeans. Complete the look with a pair of Aeronautica Militare 90867 Nero or Bianco Grigio sneakers and your favourite branded wristwatch.


A general rule of thumb is to dress your watch according to the car you drive. Something a bit more low key lets your vehicle do the talking and vice versa. But there’s no reason you shouldn’t go big in both regards.


Choose Classic Practicality


Drivers in classic convertibles are traditionally seen in stylish baseball caps or elegant flat caps. In the winter months, turtlenecks and high-collars replace the statement piece scarves and long billowing wraps preferred by ladies.


When thinking about the practicality behind driving an open-top car, a classic long sleeve comes to mind. And while you’re being seen on the road, you might as well be seen in style in the Aeronautica Militare Stretch Poplin Long-sleeved shirt ‒ oh, and don’t forget that statement pair of aviators to complete the uber casual look.


Dress to Impress


At the height of Italian exorbitance lies Italian sports cars. If you are a driver of one of these modern-day marvels, you will do well to piece your outfits together with some of the more exorbitant items in the Aeronautica range. Iconic sports cars necessitate iconic jackets like the Aeronautica Squadron leather jacket or a 36th Wing Aeronautica Militare Sheepskin Jacket.


Whether or not you’ve been choosing your outfits as complimentary statements to match your vehicle, it’s important to remember that your fashion sense and your vehicle are the windows used to view your life ‒ both personal and professional. It won’t hurt to invest a little forethought.


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