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Dress For Success – The Benefits Of Wearing Bold Colours


Black, white and grey are staples for any successful wardrobe. But did you know that by opting for safe colours over brighter ones, we may lose out on the health benefits associated with dressing a little more colourfully?


Changing your fashion shopping and styling habits may help improve your well-being and self-esteem. Research demonstrates that colours have a psychological influence on our brains. Specific colours generate neurological reactions in the brain and lead the hypothalamus gland to release hormones, influencing our emotions, attitudes and mindsets.


Wearing Red Means Making Bold Moves

Colour is much more powerful than we realise. Colours are symbolic and deliver different messages to our subconscious. The colours you wear also affect those around you, and red is a colour that aligns you with success and prosperity. This bright and vibrant colour is associated with our primordial survival and represents power and tenacity. Subconsciously, red motivates and influences the wearer to take action and make bold moves. Strut your stuff in these red Aeronautica Militare Bermuda shorts, get cosy in this red pullover, don the Frecce Tricolori Patch Cap, and grace your feet with the Rosso Red Sport 19235 Scarpa Sneaker.



Yellow: The Colour Of Creativity

Colours like yellow and mustard have the power to activate memory, promote communication, and enhance perception, intuition and self-confidence. This bold fashion statement can encourage deep thinking because of its effect on the right side of the brain.


This particular colour tone takes a bit of tact to pull off successfully and in a professional setting. By pairing bold yellow garments, like the Aeronautica Militare Cargo Pants Men’s Yellow and Embroidered Contrasting Stripe Collar Golfer Yellow Black, with a toned-down navy, olive or black top or bottom, you balance the bold statement it makes with class. Yellow is also incredible as an accessory or detailing, such as on the Aeronautica Militare 651 Squadron Leather Men’s Jacket Black. It brings an element of high fashion to any outfit. For those who want the benefits but are still wary of the bold statement, muted down yellows are a great subtle alternative, like the Aeronautica Militare RSV Stripe Men’s Polo Yellow Black.


A Monochromatic Fashion Statement Is Best Served Bold

When putting together your monochromatic outfit, ask yourself, how much of a bold fashion statement are you looking to make, and do the colours, textures, patterns and tones, although similar, complement each other?


While wearing bright colours and patterns together can be daring, an ensemble of complementary shades of the same colour is a safe and sophisticated approach to monochromatic styling.


The monochromatic outfit can be an ambitious and striking fashion statement when matched correctly. And you can add interest to your outfit by styling the different elements in different fabrics and textures.


Monochromatic outfits have their benefits:


  • Experimenting with different fashion elements is easy when the outfit fits a specific colour theme. Whatever colour you select, if you blend shades, tints and textures of the same colour, it simply works.




Make The Right Statement

Aeronautica Militare’s exclusive collection features bold statement pieces and collector’s items that can be styled as an outfit centrepiece or stylish accessory. The AM brand is inspired by the talent and grandeur of the Italian Military Airforce. The unmistakable style of the brand is reflected in every garment’s original trimmings, and insignia worn by military pilots, ensuring exclusivity and authenticity.


Whether you’re someone who makes a bold colour fashion statement or wants to test the waters, one thing is for sure, the quality of the branded clothing you choose will affect the outfit’s overall look and feel. You can’t go wrong with Aeronautica Militare. Shop our exclusive men’s and women’s collections in-store today.


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