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Discover Why Winter Season Delivers The Best Fashion

As a well-established brand, Aeronautica Militare has a long and illustrious history of ingenuity and creativity. The original Militare trims, coats of arms and emblems are worn daily by the Italian military pilots to this day and these emblems and trims are prominently displayed on all Aeronautica Militare clothing and accessories. The Aeronautica Brand characteristics are timeless, they have a signature style, and you can find them on everything from activewear to smart-casual wear.


Most often, Aeronautica Militare is the first choice for those looking for a definitive, authentic way to portray their personal style and taste. It’s a brand that tells your story your way. It’s high fashion comfort and quality for every season. This winter season, Aeronautica have raised the style bar once again. The range embodies comfort, fashion and personal style and for those wanting to build their winter wardrobe, Aeronautica Militare should be top of your shopping list this winter.


The Aeronautica Militare Fall/Winter ’22 Collection


The Fall/Winter ’22 collection has a sophisticated and highly functional feel with a contemporary twist. Made especially for those who wish to indulge in life’s passions and adventures without sacrificing their sense of style.


This premium range provides garments that are both casual and refined. Sustainability in the form of eco-friendly materials and finishes, cold-dyeing and technical innovation are all woven into the DNA of this year’s Aeronautica Militare Fall/Winter range.


All The Best Fashion Trends Come From Winter Collections


Although a short season in South Africa, the winter season is highly regarded by trend setters the world over. This is the best time to experiment with combinations and to layer your outfit. The collection brings depth and diversity to your style and, your personality to the fore. With winter layers, there are endless options to play with, paint your unique style, and experiment with colours, textures and accessories.


It’s your chance to decide if you are defining your style with a harmonised, even-toned colour pallet or a daring to go bold with a complementary colour splash.


Playing With The Winter Colour Palette


The trending colours this winter season showcase the versatile application of military green and the always current, non-colour application of black enlivened by red brushstrokes to highlight details and embellishments. However, simply because it’s on-trend, does that mean you follow it? Or can you evolve with the trend to reflect aspects of your personality and ambition that you want to put present with every step?


The basic winter outfit can be defined as three separate layers:


  • Base layer for moisture management
  • Middle layer for insulation
  • Outer layer for rain and wind protection


Using Winter Layers To Define Your Personal Style


Each layer features a range of items of different natural and synthetic fabrics suited to varying degrees of mild to extreme winter weather. Here’s where you’re entirely in control. Are you excluding a layer today? Are you choosing to double up on specific layers? Are you showcasing certain layers in more trendy ways?


When layering your winter outfit, one needs to also consider the colour pallet you are wanting to wear. Here’s where you combine fashion with practicality with a touch of intuition. Are your bolder colours appearing in the outer rain and wind protection layers? Perhaps you prefer a more subtle approach while letting your boldness shine through from within ‒ not necessarily in the philosophical sense, and to go from a bold to light colour palette.


Delivery is everything, don’t forget to accessorise! The winter range features a variety of practical and fashionable accessories, from headwear to bags. Including rich leathers, comfy cashmeres and designer embellished accessories are no doubt, the best ways to pull your winter outfit into completion.


“Be Bold – Take Fashion Risks And Be Authentically You With Aeronautica Militare”


To view the Fall/Winter ’22 collection, browse online for seamless shopping, or experience the Aeronautica Militare store shopping experience, find nearest store. You can also check out our other winter blog for more inspiration in the Aeronautica Militare Fall/Winter 2022 feature. Fly with us!


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