Brand Authenticity

All decorations, badges and emblems that characterize the Aeronautica Militare Collection are original: they are the ones worn by Air Force pilots every day.

Consequently, the “Aeronautica Militare” brand guarantees absolute exclusivity and authenticity.

Beware of imitations. and are the only websites authorised to sell the Collection in South Africa online.

Aeronautica Militare takes a strong stand against the growing problem of counterfeiting. A front line battle to defend the authenticity of our brand and our identity and to protect consumers

At the same time, there is a strong wish to protect Italian Design and creativity, which is why Aeronautica Militare works synergic ally with a widespread movement now active in Italy. Both the Italian National Chamber of Fashion and many of the most prestigious brands have, in fact, turned against the growing threat of counterfeiting, which particularly affects the fashion industry by putting the future of the Italian fashion system, a guarantee of qualitative and creative excellence, at risk.

A context in which Aeronautica Militare fights against the cascading damages arising from counterfeiting: the existence of a parallel economy in the hands of organised crime, with a turnover of hundreds of millions of Euros, which takes resources away from tax authorities and companies and puts many jobs at risk.

With its strict anti-counterfeiting strategy, Aeronautica Militare acts on multiple fronts. Starting from the web: Websites making unauthorised use of the Aeronautica Militare name in order to deceive consumers are multiplying

Aeronautica Militare strongly recommends that these e-commerce websites are not trusted, since we cannot be held responsible for their actions and we cannot guarantee that the products they sell are original, which may expose the consumer to frauds. Aeronautica Militare is already taking all necessary actions to have many of them shut down.