Meat and Greet in Style: Aeronautica Militare Takes Flight at Meat & Hustle Braaihouse

Meat and Greet in Style: Aeronautica Militare Takes Flight at Meat & Hustle Braaihouse


Meat and Greet in Style: Aeronautica Militare Takes Flight at Meat & Hustle Braaihouse


Welcome to the latest Aeronautica Militare blog! We're super excited to take you on an aviation culinary adventure as we 'meat and greet' in style. Situated in the heart of Parkmore, Sandton, the Meat & Hustle Braaihouse served as Aeronautica Militare's photoshoot venue, blending high-end fashion with delectable cuisine, epitomising Italian flair and military-inspired fashion!

The venue's rustic charm and modern flair provided the perfect backdrop for fusing fashion, flavour, and aviation. As the sun played hide and seek above the Sandton skyline, our models, clad in Aeronautica Militare's latest offerings, strutted their stuff, capturing the essence of 'Meat and Greet in Style', taking your imagination to new heights of fashion splendour!

The Aeronautica Militare Chest Print T-Shirt in White is a classic piece that exudes understated elegance, with its iconic logo making a bold yet refined statement. The contrast of the white fabric against the warm and inviting aesthetic of Meat and Hustle's interior created a feast for the eyes, mirroring the impeccable design of both the t-shirt and the surroundings.


The Aeronautica Militare Stormo Full Tracksuit Jacket is ideal for those seeking the perfect balance between style and comfort. With our renowned military aviation patch and emblem, this tracksuit jacket exudes rugged sophistication, fitting in perfectly with the warm, rich, rustic backdrop of the Meat & Hustle BraaiHouse. This Stormo full tracksuit jacket is versatile enough to transition seamlessly from day to night while adding a touch of mystery to your ensemble. 


The Aeronautica Militare Pants Anti-G Flight Suit in Blue, with its sleek and impeccable design, makes quite the head-turning debut in the warm ambience of its surroundings. This flight suit is a testament to Aeronautica Militare's commitment to merging tradition with innovation. Its flight-inspired details pay homage to our heritage. At the same time, its modern silhouettes ensure a contemporary edge to a sophisticated fit, ideal for lunch or dinner dates at Meat & Hustle BraaiHouse.


Our latest photoshoot at the Meat & Hustle BraaiHouse is more than just a feast for the eyes. It ignites the senses with textures and fabrics, sights and sounds. It creates an unforgettable experience where two worlds collide to create something extraordinary.


'Meat and Greet in Style' is more than just a title, a theme, or a tagline for a photo shoot. It's about a fusion of fashion and flavour, passion and philosophy, and Aeronautica Militare's commitment to sophistication and style sewn into every stitch of our collections!