Maximise Your Side Hustle To Live A Life Of Luxury – And Look Good Doing It

Maximise Your Side Hustle To Live A Life Of Luxury – And Look Good Doing It

Maximise Your Side Hustle To Live A Life Of Luxury – And Look Good Doing It


South Africans have become more open to investing in multiple income streams – for good reasons. One of those income streams is commonly referred to as a side hustle and provides an additional income outside your day job. Side hustles are usually performed on weekends or after regular hours and can be anything from a freelance gig to a part-time role. Here’s how you can maximise your side-hustle and look good while doing it!


Some of the most profitable side hustles include:

  • Buying and reselling domain names
  • Rent a home or car out on a third-party platform
  • Begin business coaching/tutoring within your industry
  • Freelance digital marketing or virtual assistance
  • Investment into forex and cryptocurrency
  • Property investment
  • Niche online stores/drop shipping
  • Social media influencer


Set Clear Goals

It is essential to be specific about your goals, as this will allow you to make more informed decisions about your side hustle while also ensuring that you maximise and make the most of the opportunities that come with it.


If the goal is to break into a new industry, consider becoming a virtual assistant in that field. If you are exceptionally talented and can find a way to meet demand with your talent, then you’re halfway to meeting your set goals. If your goal is to generate passive income by investing for early retirement, or if your goal is to travel the world as a digital nomad one day, the most important thing is to define your goals.


Your goals should be:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound


To be the most effective, you need to be sure of how much you need to earn to live the life of luxury you’re aiming for, with a specific plan on how you intend to achieve that.


Constant Investment And Evaluation

Side hustles are not a way to “get rich quick”. The goal should be a long-term sustainable income that will one day afford you the life of your dreams. You need to put time and money into your side hustle for maximum return, which should be evaluated regularly.


Consider how much time you’re dedicating to your side hustle compared to how much money it brings in ‒ is it worthwhile? Is your side hustle impacting your primary income, social life, health or relationships? If this is the case, are the outcomes always in your favour and aligned with your ideas of success? If not, what are your alternatives?


Manage, Record And Optimise Your Additional Income

What good is generating additional income if you don’t optimise the extra money you make? Even if it doesn’t seem like much at the outset, register your business and set up a separate bank account to record and manage your additional income.


This will not only help you take your side hustle more seriously, but it will also help you distinguish between business revenue and personal income, allowing you to properly account for taxes and operational expenses versus your actual profit.


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