Aeronautica Militare Fall/Winter 22 Collection – Womens

Aeronautica Militare Fall/Winter 22 Collection – Womens

Aeronautica Militare Fall/Winter 22 Collection – Womens

Born to Fly


Since 2000, the year in which the Italian Armed Forces admitted women, the presence of women has been constantly increasing and in the Italian Air Force women have access to all specialties and all roles. They are women who wear uniforms every day, with different stories and paths all guided by a great passion, the passion of flight, women, who followed their aspirations, pursued their goals and were able to take the destiny in their hand and make their dreams come true.


The Aeronautica Militare FW22 collection takes inspiration from this thought, and it is designed for modern and avant-garde women who face the various daily challenges with energy and elegance while remaining in perfect balance between comfort and style. Particular attention was given to the research and quality of the fabrics and their processing, to give to each garment uniqueness and originality, soft and warm interlock cotton and Milano stitch, comfortable and innovating fleece fabric and natural quality wool.


Low environmental impact washes and finishes have been introduced, innovating treatments that give the garments a nappa effect and, as regards the processing of leather and sheepskin garments, the quality of the tradition of Italian artisanship has been privileged. Main colours of the next cold season: bluette, navy blue, military green, sand and cedar colour, which represents modernity and energy and it will be the common thread that will unite the military and sporty souls of this collection. The camouflage texture returns, revisited and reinterpreted in an urban key, developed on the same shades of the collection and it is perfect to be matched on all occasions and to break up the monochromatic looks.


A FW collection that makes women always feel comfortable, free, dynamic and alive where, those who love casual outfits will find comfortable, enveloping and timeless garmets, with simple shapes and hybrid garments that can be in different situations, such as clothes in fleece fabric, perfect to be worn in smart working or, if combined with character’s accessories, perfect to be shown off in the evening.


Present in a discreet and elegant way, the authentic and original emblems and patches of the Italian Air Force, the Turreted Eagle, symbol of military pilots, and on all garments, T-shirts excluded, the reference “Born to Fly”, leitmotif of this season, it becomes an original keychain with QR code on the back that refers directly to the website and on the jackets it is also used as a personalized zip puller.