Aero World Presents - What It's Like To Be A Soccer Player

Aero World Presents - What It's Like To Be A Soccer Player

Aero World Presents - What It's Like To Be A Soccer Player


In sports and literature, some stories transcend the realm of ordinary, inspiring generations to answer the call of greatness. One such fascinating narrative is that of Bernard Parker, a name synonymous with thunderous soccer stadium cheers.


From his humble beginnings in Reiger Park, Boksburg, to gracing soccer pitches across South Africa, Bernard Parker is a go-getting striker who has captured the hearts of fans and readers alike. Embarking on his professional soccer journey with Thanda Royal Zulu in the Premier Soccer League and amassing a remarkable seventy appearances before venturing beyond South African borders and achieving feats that read like the chapters of a gripping novel. 


In a conversation with Robert Marawa about his book, Bernard shared his inspiration: "I'm back both as a footballer and an author. The journey started last year when Charley Pietersen, my life coach and the author, approached me to do something about documenting my career. Slowly but surely, it became more serious to me. It actually lifted me in an emotional and mental way. The book is an inspiration. Charley said it should be released while I am still playing. I've just started a foundation as well, and this book is a great way to boost the foundation, which is where I want to inspire the next generation."


As we delve deeper into Bernard Parker's incredible journey, we'll explore his soccer career and literary venture as we uncover the latest developments in his personal and professional life through insightful questions.


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