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Collection SS2021

Aeronautica Militare Women’s Collection SS2021

To the conquer of the next SS21 Collection

In these last months many things have significantly changed, and the next Spring/Summer collection will be the season of consciousness and the beginning of a new journey for fashion. SS21 women collection by Aeronautica Militare has an easy-wear soul, it dresses a woman with a strong character, independent and decisive, who takes care of her own style and who interprets fashion through her personality.  This collection stands out for its consideration of fabrics, dyeing operations and processings, designed and realized to be durable. The collection consists in three lines, Summer Flight – Iconic Flight – Sport Flight, which can be mixed together in order to create new and original outfits.


Summer Flight

Natural fabrics, easy-to-fit shapes, comfortable sizes, and mainly pastel colours: soft and delicate pink, fresh and versatile mint green, alongside the great summer classics such as beige and white. These are the key points of this line, designed to be flexible and conceived for women who love the military-chic style. Monochromatic total looks that can be mixed with a new and original camo-floral print, creating balanced contrasts and combining elegance and practicality.


Iconic Flight

A perfect balance between the military style and an ease and functional fashion: bombers, leather jackets, cargo pants, shirts, flight suits and multi-pocket garments, for a unique and distinctive style, with authentic and original patches celebrating the 36th Squadron. The aviator-style, the charm of the uniform and the military codes will conquer all the women with a strong and bold soul.


Sport Flight

Comfortable and simple cotton fleece garment for fresh and informal looks, with minimal and discreet personalizations, or instead eye-catching all-overs for stronger outfits. These cozy clothes combine leisure and elegance, allowing more agility and practicality both in the spare time and in more formal contexts. The prevailing colours are white – capable of making any outfit chic – and different blue nuances, typical of summer.