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Aeronautica Militare – The Story Behind the Brand

Originating in the city of Thiene in Italy, Aeronautica Militare was founded by Cristiano Sperotto at a time in history that represented the evolution of artisan tailoring post World War II. From his early days of specialising in luxury leather clothing for men and women to the designer’s current status as a premium clothing and accessories brand, the design signature of the now Aeronautica Militare has never deviated from its heritage of style and quality.


The Legacy of Aeronautica Militare


Aeronautica Militare is a brand with decades of creativity and innovation behind it. Today, the AM brand signature is not only high-quality clothing and accessories, they uniquely feature the original Militare trims, coats of arms and emblems, these are still worn each day by the Italian military pilots. Ranging from activewear to smart casual wear, the Aeronautica signature styling makes the brand first choice for those wanting a definitive, highly original clothing brand. The design, craftsmanship and fabrication are all still very much a feature of this stylish, yet comfortable brand.


And this is how it all began, a man with a dream and vision who built a legacy that all Italians can be proud of.


  1.  Cristiano Sperotto began his journey as an artisan tailor in Mossano, producing men’s clothing. Over time his high-end, quality product naturally built a large and loyal clientele for his high-end, luxury leather clothing for men and women.


  1.  After approaching the Italian Air Force with his unique concept of tastefully adding  the military trims, coats of arms and emblems to his clothing range, the Aeronautica Militare brand was born. With the rise of international travel, his brand quickly found its way to other shores.


  1.  Cristiano Sperotto’s sons, Paolo and Armando Pio, joined the company and re-registered as an S.p.A (Ltd. company). Having young blood in the business, the brand saw new opportunities for popularity and growth.


  1.  The Italian Airforce General signed a multi-annual agreement with the company, allowing them to produce apparel featuring the logos and emblems of the Italian Air Force and Frecce Tricolori. This partnership is unique from anything in the world today.


Known for its unique, signature emblems, fine tailoring, quality design, and iconic status, Aeronautica Militare is favoured by athletes, lifestyle enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates the signature flair and Italian heritage of its apparel line.

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