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Aeronautica Militare Photoshoot at Shepstone Gardens

Photographed in the serene and beautiful Shepstone Gardens in Mountainview, Johannesburg, the location was an ideal setting for the Aeronautica Militare spring / summer range. With high expectations to get out and socialise as the season changes, acquiring some wardrobe ideas from your favourite brand would be a win for any fashion savvy individual.


Aeronautica Militare Shoot – Discover the collection


The scenic backdrop was the perfect place to showcase 4 key spring looks. We break these down for you, and frankly, we think it’s going to be hard to choose your favourite.


Style 1


This look is classic, simple and ideal for those who prefer to keep things neutral. Ideal for spring, autumn and other in-between weather. We chose the pilot print men’s t-shirt in off white – a modern print representing a moment in every pilot’s life, with brand script, turreted eagle and a pilot emblazoned on the front of the t-shirt. We paired the t-shirt with the cargo pants in beige. These pants are a comfortable fit with subtle emblems featured on the front pockets. For another take on this simple, understated look, we paired the 51st Storm logo polo shirt in off white with the men’s trousers in liquorice.


Style 2


Navy is a versatile colour that will never go out of style. It works especially well with white and other light colours. When the days get warmer, you can never go wrong with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. The men’s Authority print t-shirt in off white has a crew neck, double finish at the bottom and sleeves and cockade, along with bold brand script. It is worn here with the classic men’s shorts in navy blue. For another take on the navy look, we paired the Frecce Tricolori logo men’s t-shirt in navy with men’s cargo pants in sand. This t-shirt celebrates the 313th Acrobatic Training Group, also known as Frecce Tricolori.


Style 3


A bright splash of colour will always make a statement. This look features two options, both colourful and bold. The first variation features the 51st Storm logo men’s t-shirt in yellow, with the 51st Wing on the front and back. This t-shirt was paired with the cargo pants in beige. The second variation of this look features the combat ready men’s polo in navy, with Turreted Eagle and script featured on the front. This polo is paired with the men’s cargo pants in active red for a contrast statement that works.


Style 4


Ideal for warmer weather, our boldly coloured t-shirts and polo work well with our selection of shorts in various colours, from brights to neutrals. In the first variation of this look, the advanced jet trainer men’s t-shirt in red took centre stage. In the second variation, the 51st Storm logo men’s t-shirt in yellow was worn.


Find your nearest store or shop the Aeronautica Militare collections photographed at the Shepstone Gardens venue online now. Go on, fly with us.

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