Aeronautica Militare Winter Collection Mens V1

Aeronautica Militare Fall/Winter 2022 Collection – Mens


Fashion is not independent of what happens in the world and for the next season, Aeronautica Militare has thought of a journey through the brand’s history to pay tribute to men and women of the Italian Air Force, leading figures in this full of many stories of sacrifices, courage and passion, and to their fearless spirit that pushes them beyond their limits.

The Fall/Winter 22 collection is smart and contemporary, with a modern and function design. It offers casual and, at the same time, sophisticated garments, perfect for those who want to better enjoy their passions but do not want to give up the style. Essential and clean lines with highly practicality details, new stretch fabrics, with a very high resistance to wrinkling and wear, new ecological materials and use of sustainable finishes and pigments, cold dyes and, as it is in the brand’s DNA, particular attention to technological innovation.

In fact, it has been developed a unisex coat made with Viroblock, a special progressive fabric, successfully tested in these months, capable of preventing the spread of viruses and pathogenic bacteria, a “shell” cover to wear over other garments, a pioneer in the clothing world.

A Fall/Winter collection that develops with 4 different souls, Pilot – Heritage – Urban and Active, that revisits and pays tribute to the 6th Wing, an important and glorious interdiction division of the Italian Air Force, that keeps nowadays important operational functions. Born in 1936, the 6th Wings, also known as “The red devils”, has contributed to writing the history of the skies and saw the creation of the patrol, which later became the “Frecce Tricolori”.



Garments with a strong personality and a military style, revisited and designed for pilots, aspiring pilots or for flight lovers who want to express their pride of belonging with patches and emblems. Top trend colours of the season are military green, in its different shades, and black, an always current and fashion non-colour, enlivened by red brushstrokes, used mostly to highlight details. The classic Pilot jacket has been updated with new details and with the use of a new multi-layered fabric, that guarantees more extreme performance.


AM Heritage

It’s at the same time a tribute to his own experience and the future’s premise, where the most fascinating suggestions of the past are redesigned with technical fabrics to allow new shapes and modern fit.

A mix of quality, comfort and contemporary style, perfect for free time, embellished with graphics, patterns, contrast colour blocks, able to make the wearer an integral part of a long and strong history.



Timeless garments, perfect for those who loves a simple style and are looking for functional and discreet elegance. The models remain classic, focused mainly on the comfort, fit and fabrics’ quality.

The attention is focused on the evolution of the fabrics that become refined, stretch and more elegant. Prints are minimal, essential and tone-on-tone, but the Eagle is always present.



A collection designed for all those who are looking for a dynamic lifestyle. Ergonomic lines and functional fit for garments made with mono and bi-stretch fabrics, ultra-light, ultra-resistant, breathable, super protective, with antibacterial and, in some cases, even reflective, properties, able to combine innovation, sustainability and comfort.

For this season the colour palette, in addition to the classic blue, white and grey plain colours, is enriched with a tie-dye pattern, a motif that can’t be unnoticed and gives determination and personality, while details such as zips and logos are proposed in contrast, in a very bright blue shade.



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